Air Travel in 2013 – CMH, PHX and MCO

I’ve been on the road a little lately and I’ve had an occasion to travel to more than 20 different airports in the last 6 months.  I thought I would start writing some reviews of the airports I love and the ones I hate.

My new hope airport is PHX or Phoenix Sky Harbor.  As far as airports go it is a wonderful airport – inside.  Outside it is one of the most convoluted collections of roads, side-streets and by-passes that you can imagine.  I’ve flown out of this airport 39 times now (according to FourSquare) and I would say I have only now mastered which lane to be in to get where I want to go.

PHX has a HUGE retail footprint, three (or maybe four) Starbucks in Terminal 4 (my preferred terminal) and a good selection of food once you’re past security.  There’s free Wifi – a must to be on my “I Love You” list of airports. Now for the drawbacks.

While free, the Wifi connection is only 1/3 as fast as my 3G iPhone connection so I’m not sure how useful it is.  Half the time you can’t even stream Netflix video at low res…an upgrade is in order my PHX friends.

Parking is relatively inexpensive – $11 per day for economy parking under cover – $9 if you want to subject your vehicle to the hellish rays of the Arizona  sun.  Once the new Sky Train opens this quarter, getting from economy parking to my flight and back will be a piece of cake.  As it is now, the shuttle buses are a little erratic.

Have you been to Columbus Ohio and the Port Columbus Airport?  CMH is a really nice little airport.  There is once again free Wifi – there’s too is a bit slow but fast enough to stream Netflix reliably.  CMH also has a TON of outlets and seating accommodations for those of us with mobile devices.  There’s good food, cheap booze and just a general all-around nice guy atmosphere.

I can’t really find anything wrong with CMH other than it’s small so sometimes when weather comes or other things happen schedules get messed up, but CMH is no ORD!

Lastly, there’s MCO.  I’ve sat here now for over a minute thinking how to start – I wish there was some way to capture that kind of info in a blog.  Someway to capture the mountains of frustration and anxiety I harbor for the WORLDS WORST AIRPORT EVER.

MCO’s TSA lines were obviously setup but a blind four year old with spacial recognition deficiencies.  There’s selection of food, beverage and retail outlets were done by someone from the 17th century – perhaps a Puritan left over from the Mayflower?  The decor is dreary and the general layout of the airport probably started clean but over time has been organically evolved to the point where it looks like the terminals have been attacked by some airport specific cancer cells.

Have I mentioned how much I HATE MCO?


I HATE the location.  I HATE the layout.  I HATE the look, the smell and the feel of it.  I JUST HATE IT.

If I could push a button and erase one airport from the planet immediately, I would be pushing the MCO button all day long and twice on Sunday.  UGH – what a HORRIBLE airport.

Now that that is done, stay tuned next time when I cover, TPA, MSP and DCA.


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