Welcome to Shatner’s World – A Review

So my wife (@BriannaHarris33) bought me two tickets to go see @WilliamShatner in person at his show “Shatner’s World” for my 44th birthday.  Thanks baby!

The show was presented by the Mesa Arts Center (@MesaArtsCenter) in lovely Mesa, AZ.  

OK so for those of you that have been to Mesa, you know it’s a bit of a rough town.  We had never been to the arts center before and I have to tell you, we were pleasantly surprised.  It is a beautiful facility.

The complex is beautifully landscaped, lit and appointed with four different theaters.  The one featured above is where Shatner performed and we were seated in the lower center section in row L.  Wonderful seats!

As for the show, I had set my expectations to stun.  After all, I didn’t expect a fall down, pee my pants funny show.  I LOVE William Shatner but I also accept his limitations.  He’s an iconic actor but he’s no Robert Redford.

I laughed a lot at this show!  He was energetic, funny and thoroughly entertaining for two hours.  He puts on a one-man show in which he reviews his life growing up in Canada, his early days as an actor and of course, about half of the show touches in one way or another on his days as Captain Kirk.

There was one “bit” (and I use that term very loosely) about a horse he once owned and how this horse was a wild stallion and they kept having to restrain it more and more over time to prevent it from hurting itself.  A very cathartic monologue which put the crowd into a very somber state but then, in true Shatner form, he jumped to some other completely unrelated topic after having made a point (we think) and we all started laughing again.

After the show, we gathered upstairs for a chance to meet Bill, get a picture with him and have him sign a poster from the show.  It was a brief meeting where I said hi, turned and smiled for the photographer to take our picture and then touch him on his shoulder as we moved out of the way.

For me, meeting Bill Shatner was one of those childhood dreams fulfilled.  My father and I had watched Startrek TOS together on weekends.  It was in re-runs by the time I was born in 1969 and old enough to watch it in 1975.  It was one of only a handful of things that he and I did together that he enjoyed doing with me.  I remember that he too was infatuated with Shatner and we often talked about meeting him (and Jimmy Buffett) some day.  Sadly, my dad passed away some  time ago from Alzheimer’s disease and so he never got a chance to meet Bill.

So speaking of cathartic, let’s get this blog back on track 🙂


I thoroughly enjoyed the show and it was well worth the price of admission.  Tickets at the Mesa Arts Center were $85 for the lower center seats and then there was a $65 premium to get the meet and greet pass fora total of $150.  If you love Shatner, like I love Shatner – don’t miss this opportunity to really learn a lot about a prolific actor of stage, radio, TV and the big-screen.



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