What do 1987 and 2013 have in common?

It’s 2013 and the year is already off to a great start.  While I can’t stand Alabama (and I’m not worried that anyone that reads this will be offended because Alabama grads can barely read much less navigate the Internet) I am a huge SEC fan and supporter and as such am watching the BCS championship game with glee.

Now for those Bama fans that (a) did find the power switch for their computer and (b) have read this far – congratulations – you’ve followed along nicely!  Seriously though, it’s all in good fun.  I know a Bama grad and he is actually not a bad guy.  I’ll leave this section of my first post of 2013 with a simple phrase:

Go Gators!

With college football trash talk out of the way we can move on to other things.

1987 and 2013 have at least two things in common.  First, and foremost, I was graduated from high school in 1987 and I’m still alive in 2013.  Second, the numbers 1987 and 2013 are both years where all four digits of the year are different.  From 1988 through 2012, at least two numbers in the year were the same so that’s kind fun huh?

I’m looking forward to a couple things this year:

1) As the Chief Strategy Officer for Workable Solutions I’m looking forward to expanding our already impressive presence in the private health insurance exchange market.

2) As a newly elected member of the Board of Directors for PDMA I’m excited to help them continue to build a world class, global product innovation and management professional group.

3) As a husband, I can’t wait to see what this year will bring for my wife and I.  We have been truly blessed with some great experiences and have been truly challenged with some others.  No matter what, we’ve met them together and I love her more than ever.

4) As a father I’m looking forward to watching my two daughters continue to grow and as most father’s I look forward to them calling more than once or twice 🙂

5) Lastly, as a citizen, I’m looking forward to working with my local, state and federal representatives to reign in our countries spiraling debt, out of control health care costs and improving the quality of our nations education.

I’d like to thank each of you that took the time to read  my blog in 2012 and encourage you to continue to follow me in 2013 – it’s gonna be a GREAT year!


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