2012 Product Innovation Management Conference Final Thoughts

Before the conference I posted the top 5 reasons you should plan on attending. In brief they were:

  • Networking with peers from around the world
  • Content tailored for the new and experience professional
  • The economy is improving so your company can likely send you now
  • The research forum
  • A code for a 20% discount on registration fees

First, I’d like to say simply -this year’s conference was excellent – as usual.

Next, I met some new contacts from around the world – places like Germany, England, Turkey, India and Korea.  (If I neglected to mention your country I apologize – there were so many an exhaustive list would make for a boring blog entry!)

The content was, as promised, tailored for the new and the experienced.  The deep dive sessions of portfolio management, business model innovation and innovation process management were well attended.  For the more experienced practitioners there were sessions like Sustainable Product Development.  This session was not as well attended but it was jam packed with hours of good quality research data, trend analysis and actionable information that I can use in my portfolio today to improve not only the Social Sustainability of my offering but the Operational Sustainability as well.

For the first time this year I attended the 2 day research forum and the 2.5 day practitioner conference.  After hearing the content presented in the research forum I will be attending both from now on.  It was just wonderful!  I know 4.5 days plus travel is a lot to commit in terms of time and cost but I’d like to remind everyone of one of the general tenants of new product development:


Nothing Important Happens In The Office

Lastly, some of you did take advantage of my discount code and for that I would like to thank you!  I would also like to invite you to stay tuned for information about the upcoming conference for 2013.  It will be in late October in my home town – Phoenix.  We will be at the lovely Arizona Biltmore once again. 

For those that attended thank-you!  I have volunteered to serve on the conference planning committee again next year.  If you have any comments, questions or concerns – please go to www.ernieharris.com and submit them there.  Also, if you would like to start the conversation about the next conference now – you can use hash-tag #PIM13.

I’ll be seeing you at PIM 2013 – until then – keep your eye focused on the market outside your department, remember that intuition is not a bad word and that every day presents new opportunities.

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