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Day 2 of the Product Innovation Management conference was simply JAM PACKED full of content.  What continues to impress me about this forum is that the speakers are able to effortlessly tie their presentations together on different themes.

The deep dive discovery labs from Day 1 provide a great foundation for attendees but Day 2 is all about applying current best practices across too many topics to list.  Here’s a link to the summary of the day – no need to reproduce it here…

So what did I learn?  I learned that there is no other time during the year where I can re-energize my new product development battery!  Each day I have sat with practitioners, researchers, managers and executives of companies from literally all over the world.  The overwhelming consensus is that the content during the day is the fodder for the conversations during networking events and dinner. 

I’d like to share an example of the quality of discussion.  I went to dinner Monday night with seven other attendees.  Over the course of a couple glasses of wine we discussed in great depth the nature of health care, the underlying principles leading to the current cost trends, consumer behavior and supply chain potentials and limitations.  We then jumped to of course the presidential debate recap (no one got into a fistfight J) and then we talk and serial entrepreneurialism.  I learned more and shared more in that 2.5 hours than I have in a long time.  I left the table full of ideas and new perspectives.

As I sit listening to the Day 3 content and reminiscing about my Day 2 experiences I am now struck with profound sadness.  This event is an oasis or a retreat from the work-a-day world we all live in that we are free to expand our minds and dream.  My challenge now is clear – how do I bring this climate and culture back to the corporate world in any degree to improve not only my lot in life but the lives of those around me?

I’d like to give shout outs to all the social media participants of the conference as well:

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