Jabra Pro 9470: A Review of @Jabra_US and @getbase

It’s rare to find something these days that you just love.  Usually when I purchase a new item for work it meets my needs but I don’t love it.  I have to admit though, I have fallen in love with my new Jabra Pro 9470 headset.  As always, please judge for yourself but here’s what I like about it and a couple things I don’t:

What could be better:

1. It’s expensive.  I found it on Amazon and picked it up for ~$200.  When I was looking for a good image for this post this morning I saw prices ranging from $190 up to $339 – do your homework and find the right sale price on this bad boy.

2. It doesn’t work well with my desk phone – yet.  I’m not sure if I have an internal networking issue or a headset issue.  I’m leaning towards the former though.  The phone is an Avaya and I’ve turned on and configured QoS to make that device the absolutely king of my network in terms of priority and overall bandwidth availability to no avail.  It’s not like I’m starved for throughput either, I average 85+mpbs down and 30 up.  If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions on that front – let me know.

Now for the good stuff:

1. The device connects and works well with my Mac.  I can’t tell you how many “smart” headsets I’ve tried that don’t work well with the Mac or only have PC versions of the software.  The Mac software integrates very well with the MacOS and doesn’t feel at all like a PC port to the Mac.

2. It connects to my desk phone (via standard phone cord), iPhone (via BlueTooth) and my desktop (via mini-USB) simultaneously!  The little display on the phone’s base shows the status of the device, let’s me control what I’m using it for, acts as a caller ID display and more.

3. The BlueTooth connection with my iPhone is well done.  There is a physical button on the earpiece to accept and disconnect calls – which is nice for old guys like me.  The range is amazing as well.  The building I work in reminds me of that one from the original Ghost Busters movie – all iron and hard as heck to get a good cell single in.  That said, my iPhone sits in it’s stand next to the Jabra base where I do get a good signal and the BlueTooth connection allows me to walk all over my 1,100 sqft “office” – or as some of you might refer to it, my condo 🙂

4. The headset is stable technically but they make updates regularly as well.  This is always a double-edged sword.  Frequent updates can indicate underlying problems but I’ve had the device for a couple months now and I updated it when I pulled it out of the box – reviewed the update history and just downloaded a new firmware update this morning.  I like that they’re working to continuously improve the fidelity of the wireless connections.

5. It integrates with a wide range of desktop apps.  Specifically, I’m looking at switching from PipeDrive to Base (www.getbase.com).  During my evaluation of Base, I tried out the “click-to-dial” functionality and it just worked.  It connected to the Base app on my phone which in turn auto-selected the right source for the call from the Jabra base station and everything was perfect.

All-in-all, a purchase I am really happy with.