Call Reluctance – 5 Ways You Can Overcome It And Succeed

Hey sellers – you know what I’m talking about.  For those of you that don’t every sales person whether their selling Razors or Rockets has experienced a fear of prospecting, of picking up the phone and calling (or even emailing) an unknown prospect.

Why?  It’s not hard.

There’s a ton of psychology behind this and I won’t cover all of it – I think you can sum it up with one simple statement:

Fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of rejection, etc.

So how do you overcome fear?  What strategies can you use to just pick up that phone and dial?  Here are a couple that I really like and work for me personally.

  1. Combat fear with action. Simply taking action and driving into any problem your facing, by taking action, any action, fear fades and progress ensues. This comes from a great sales leader and someone I count among my friends @Jeff_Yaniga
  2. Knowledge breeds confidence and you’ll find that your fear is automatically reduced when you have a detailed list of who you are going to call on. More specifically, before you stop working on any given day make sure to choose the first person you will call on the next day.  This tidbit came from a post by Rory Vaden.
  3. Those first few moments on the phone can be awkward if you’re not prepared. You can’t script a whole phone call, but you can certainly script the first few seconds. How will you engage? What information have you learned about the prospect from a quick scan of Google and LinkedIn you can use to start the conversation softly? Get in, build some quick rapport, and move on. Having an icebreaker plan can give you some of that confidence you need as well. Great idea from Heinz Marketing.
  4. The 30-minute rule. This means that you pick up the phone and talk into it within 30 minutes of arriving at the office. So if you arrive at 8 a.m., you’ll be making your first call no later than 8:30. You might even want to have an egg timer on your desk. You come into the office, put down your briefcase, and set the timer for 30 minutes. Anti-procrastination advice from Gary Stauble.
  5. And most importantly – Relax. If you show up full of stress and anxiety, your prospect’s natural reaction is to meet you with resistance. How can you put prospects at ease if you can’t tame your own tensions?

Think of how you feel when you call or visit a friend. There’s no tension, no fear or dread involved. But consider for a moment how successful you would be at making and keeping friends if you approached your friends the way you sometimes approach prospects: with reluctance, anxiety and apprehension.

Now consider the reverse: how successful would your sales calls be if you were able to approach every prospect with the comfort and ease that you approach a friend? It’s easy to see that what you bring to the situation sets off a chain reaction that determines the outcome.

Relaxation can be a difficult thing to achieve, especially when you’re under pressure to make a sale. You can start by focusing on ridding your body of tension – relax your shoulders, unclench your fists, stop grinding your teeth and smile… Once you relax your body your mind will automatically begin to relax as well.  These relaxing thoughts brought to you by The Brooks Group.

So if you’re having trouble picking up the phone, I hope these help.  If they do help – let me know!