How I plan to stop being fat…


Recently I met Jim Miller, CEO of Krowd Fit.  Jim was presenting at a broker conference that I was attending and he was introducing the attendees the concept of “Krowd Funded” fitness.  I admit I love a new business model and I love anything that seems like it will help me manage my personal health and KrowdFit seems to be doing both.

If you haven’t heard of it, check them out at  They sign up both groups and individuals into a social fitness community.  You can use the device(s) you already have from companies like FitBit and Jawbone (to name two) to report your fitness telemetry data to the site.  What’s really cool is that for each fitness category Jim and his company give away prizes for participation.  So for example, you can win real money for just sleeping 6+ hours each night.  Each time you upload your data to the site you get an entry in a sweepstakes and winners are drawn at random.  Is this compelling?  YES it IS!

Don’t take my word for it.  Jim has a nice set of data that shows that his approach to fitness engagement results in much stronger engagement for much longer than just the initial engagement seen when consumer purchase their first wearable.

So how does this help me?  I’m on the road 40+ weeks out of the year and what interesting is that as soon as I started measuring myself I started to improve.  This shouldn’t surprise us though.  In business we always say, “You get what you measure.”  In this case when I started I realized that I wasn’t moving (less than 4,000 steps a day) and that I wasn’t sleeping (on average less than 5 hours a night).  Within the first week I was moving more (I’m almost up to 10K+ each and every day) AND I’ve been sleeping on average 7 hours and 16 minutes each night.  I feel better and I’ve lost 7 pounds in just 3 weeks.

Smokey the Bear used to say, “Only you can prevent forest fires.”  For all I know he still says that – is that still a thing?  Regardless, the same principal holds true in the fitness world, “Only you can improve your personal health.”  That said, it sure is nice if someone is paying you to do it at the same time…check out KrowdFit, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.