Live from ECFC Administrators Symposium in Denver CO


Today I’m taking a break from my multi-part healthcare consumer experience monologue and instead blogging live from the 27th Annual ECFC Administrators Symposium in Denver.  First, Denver is a great town – love visiting here.  Second, it’s really nice to see all my friends and colleagues from around the industry.

We opened the morning with a great session on Colorado’s states wellness initiative.  Their goal is to become the healthiest state in the nation.  Some nice detail on what and why they’re doing and how well it’s working.  Later in the day we’ll break out into education sessions – one of which I will be presenting.  @Alegeus conducted another round of primary research on consumer and employer sentiments on a wide range of healthcare topics and my presentation will highlight the findings of that research and what it means to the industry and to employers and consumers in general.

@Visa is also presenting research on FSA/HSA consumer attitudes and behaviors.  @WillisGroup will be discussing the ACAs automatic enrollment provision and how we should all be preparing for that.

Those are just two of the 16 educational sessions scheduled for just today.  If you’re not here you might want to check out the website and see if you should be here next year.