New Year – New Blog

With the beginning of a new year (OK, it’s actually already February and I have posted to my blog in quite some time – I know) we are often presented with new opportunities.  This year I left what some of my more technically savvy friends would call the “Draconian Overlord” of hosting services (Go Daddy) and moved to BlueHost.  At the same time I migrated my blog from Blogger to WordPress.  All in all I’m pleased – but that’s probably not why you’re reading this.  Get to the point Ernie – yes, this is what you’re thinking.

So the point of this post is that our collective psyche has a seemingly unlimited capacity to look at the world in a new light each January 1st.  When you think about it though, Jan 1 is no different than say August 8.  Both are simply days in our lives , depending on where you live, one might be warmer than the other but that’s about it.  So what’s so special about Jan 1?

Jan 1 is an artificial construct that we have created to mark the passage of time.  Time itself is also an artificial and relative construct but that’s for another post.

So if Jan 1 is truly artificial, why is it so easy for us to view it as such a transformational event?  It’s simple, and it lines up nicely with the most dreaded justification from your childhood.

“Cuz we said so.”

So if we can simply will this window of change into existence simply by saying so, my point is that we could will any number of change portals into existence.  Try it, you’ll be surprised.

Tonight, go home and park your car in your driveway or your garage facing out instead of pulling in.  (This instruction doesn’t really have anything to do with today’s point – it’s just something I like to do.  It let’s you start the day moving forward instead of backing up.)

Tomorrow, when you awake, it will be a new day, a day different than any other day with the entire continuum of possibility laid out before you.  Get ready and start your day with no preconceived notions about what will or won’t happen, what can and can’t happen.  Simply be in the moment and experience the new day.

Do that every day and your life will be far more enjoyable.

Oh, and about this picture I included in the post.  I fully intended to write about this picture but what came out of my mind, through my fingers and into the computer just wouldn’t match up so I just went with it.  Rather than delete a perfectly good picture, I thought I would leave it here for you to enjoy – a prize to anyone who can tell me where this picture was taken – other than BriAnna, Jason or Alden.

Offroad Warning