Top Five Reasons to Attend PIM2013

What’s up innovators?

The time is fast approaching for the annual Product Innovation Management conference.  This annual event that has been held continuously for almost four decades now is the premier event for new product developers, innovators, product managers and others involved in product development.  People from all over the world gather each year to learn what’s new in our profession and to collaborate on a variety of topics and issues.

This year I will be attending for the fourth year in a row and I couldn’t be more excited.  We have a really nice lineup of speakers that will present in a new format to drive engagement each day of the conference.  Hey Ernie, you said you were going to tell me the top 5 reasons to attend PIM2013 – is that one of them?  How am I supposed to know when you’ve hit all five?  Fair enough my reader friend.  I shall now enumerate my reasons for you:

5) The location and timing couldn’t be better.  Phoenix from October 26 through the 30th is a great place to be.

4) This year we will be continuing the connection between the research forum and the innovation management conference to give academics and practitioners more opportunities to interact.  I learned a lot more than I had anticipated when I attended the research forum last year – I encourage all of you to consider investing the time.

3) Participation by thought leaders from around the world promises to make this one of the most global conferences we’ve held to date.

2) As I mentioned before, the lineup of speakers is impressive – stay tuned for specifics on who will be presenting.  I have been told that the registration page and schedule details will be posted between now and June 1.

1) Networking.  Who doesn’t like to network?  Each year hundreds of people that are all related to my chosen profession gather in one place.  It is an atmosphere that just breeds problem solving and professional development.  I received several very good ideas during PIM12 and I look forward to sharing some of my experience with attendees again this year.

So those are my top five reasons – what are yours?  Let’s get the conversation started early this year.  The conference is using the Twitter hashtag #PIM13 this year and will be posting content on our LinkedIn and Facebook pages.  

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