Top 5 Reasons to attend the PIM12 Conference

Top 5 Reasons to attend the Product Innovation Management Conference

I’ve been involved with the PDMA for some time now and this will be my third straight year attending the Product Innovation Management (PIM) conference. For those of you that haven’t been to one of these conferences, I thought I would highlight some of the reasons I think you should attend:

1) This is one of the largest, product specific conferences I’ve ever attended.  Product Managers, Portfolio Managers, Brand Managers, Marketing Managers and Product Developers come literally from all over the world.  In the past I have seen companies like Kraft, TaTa and Google at the event.

2) The content is tailored for both the what’s here and now and what’s coming crowd.  At the end of each conference you will have something you can use to make your current lot in life a little better and something you can use to plan the next big change in your product organization.

3) The economy is improving and companies are starting to spend on innovation again.  While I and others believe you should actually double down on innovation spending in off-cycles (that’s another post) the fact that mainstream corporate spending is up means that you can (a) afford to attend and (b) can’t afford not to learn the latest trends in new product development.

4) Prior to the PIM conference proper, for those of you with an academic slant, there is the Research Forum.  This is a wonderful event where researchers from around the world come and present their findings, usually for the first time.  It’s a spirited debate.

5) This year (as with last) I am on the conference planning committee and as such, for my friends, they made available a discount code that will get you 20% off the registration fee!  Code: BDRFL12GC

So I hope this was helpful and I also hope to see you in Orlando at the end of the month!

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