#Innovation under extreme pressure – Learn more at #PIM11

So I’ve been working diligently on immersing myself in social media and I’ve started to blog and tweet on a semi-regular basis. A big part of my time lately has been focused on my work with the Product Development and Management Associations (PDMA) annual Product Innovation Management conference.

I am volunteering on the planning committee this year and serving as the VP of Experiences. In this role I am responsible for ensuring continuity of content and marketing. It has been a very rewarding (and time consuming) effort but I’m looking forward to the conference later this year in Phoenix.

One of the sessions I’m looking forward to is one presented by Ken McLellan from Burt’s Bees entitled Developing a Global Practice for Innovation. In this session Ken will be discussing how his group extended their innovation practice globally.

One of the key note speakers will be Kai Huang – here’s a summary of his presentation:

Entrepreneurial Journey – The Story of RedOctane and Guitar Hero®

Kai Huang

, Founder, RedOctane

Have you ever faced a challenge where you had to succeed but had limited time and money available? Kai Huang, founding member of RedOctane, has. In his presentation, he will reveal details of his experience of bringing Guitar Hero® to market under difficult circumstances.

With a supply chain consulting background, Huang began his entrepreneurial journey by marketing and selling RedOctane Dance Mats, a high-end video game accessory. Although Huang felt there was a market in the US for music games, he was unable to convince manufacturers in Japan that it could be a money-making proposition. Determined to bring his vision to market, Huang spent just eight months developing Guitar Hero® and launched the product at the end of 2005.

Huang acknowledges that his timeframe was extremely aggressive and notes that he almost ran out of money three times. He will share the lessons he learned on his compressed idea-to-market journey, including:

  • How to become closer to the customer
  • The challenge of finding the one or two things consumers really want
  • Development of a solid strategy to get the product to market

If this sounds interesting – make sure to register now – I hope to see you there!