Where’s the beef?

Several of the folks I follow have lamented the lack of original thought. In a world of re-tweets and re-posts, where is the original content. I think that it is partly unfair to ask the famous question “Where’s the beef?” uniformly of all social media participants. To be fair though, there is a prolific amount of re-purposing going on but I think that is the double edged sword we live with today.

To re-tweet or not re-tweet, that is the question. I only recently began actively participating in the online content publishing phenomena as an author but have been an avid consumer for years. My first reaction to re-posts and re-tweets was one of revulsion – “I don’t want to be a parrot, I want to put forth original thought.”

What is original thought? How many ideas are truly original?

Throughout history, the well traveled individual has always been revered in society. This person has the benefit of a broad experience, an experience filled with the thoughts and observations of themselves but also those of others. It is the transmission of the aggregate of ideas that drives our social media society. The time space compression brought about by the Internet has enabled the individual to combine freely and easily with his fellow man to bring about knowledge, power and change. The pen (or the tweet) truly is mightier than the sword.