Product Management, Product Development and Product Marketing

I’ve been making the rounds in the Tampa Bay area in search of a reference implementation of a New Product Development and Product Management function. After speaking to countless individuals representing nearly 50 different companies I have concluded that there are few strong product development or product management groups in the region.

Product Marketing on the other hand seems to be a much more clearly defined function and as such, I find many more instances of this activity. So what is the difference or is there one?

Most organizations recognize the value of the combined product function but it appears that many don’t understand the combined product function nor the seperation within. Through my efforts with the PDMA as both the local chapter president and as the VP of Experiences for the Annual Global Conference on Product Innovation, I am seeking to build a better understanding in our local market. I’ve also begun working with several local staffing agencies to provide them insights into how to identify and recruit qualified product professionals. For your reference, please take a moment to review these two sources:

Harvard Business Review’s 10 Must Reads: The Essentials

Steve Jobs: Get rid of the crappy stuff.

Please join me in this exploration of how to translate the extremely successful product practices from the Fortune 50 to the small and mid-sized market.